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Texas is going to the SEC & NOT the Pac 12

Posted on: September 19, 2011 7:47 pm
With the developments today of Texas & Oklahoma receiving permission from their respective boards of regents it had me thinking for a moment about seeing the Longhorns coming to Seattle to play the Huskies or seeing them having to play USC every year and how GREAT that would be!
I then stopped and thought about it and the more I thought about it the more it made more sense for Texas to NOT join the Pac 12 but rather the SEC.
Geographically it makes sense, it would give the conference football dominance in the gulf coast from Texas to Florida, up through South Carolina and up to Kentucky & Tennessee.
It would also make sense to move Auburn & Alabama to the SEC east while keeping the rest of the west in tact and adding both Texas & A&M.
The SEC also has a national TV deal with CBS which would give Texas exposure on the national level on a major network that would trump even their own Longhorn network.
Another reason I say it makes sense for Texas to join the SEC is fan travelling, the furthest a Texas fan would have to drive to get to an away game is 17-18 hours which is completely doable, that also translates into little more than a commuter flight for the fan that wanted to fly.
It would also reopen the old rivalry between Texas & Arkansas from their SouthWest Conference days.
Add Oklahoma & Oklahoma State to the SEC west, move Ole Miss & Miss. State there and that would make the SEC even more the power conference in the country.
In the end I just don't see the Big12 teams joining the Pac 12, as great as the Pac 12 is I think revenue wise, fan interest wise it doesn't make sense.
Sure Texas fans would get excited for them to play USC or UCLA but would they really get excited for Utah, Oregon state or Washington State?
I am sure within a week we'll hear that at least Texas is joining the SEC and even if Oklahoma did go to the Pac 12 the Red River Rivalry would still be played between Texas & Oklahoma, there's too much history & too much revenue at stake and they would make sure the game was scheduled every year.
I do think though at the end of the day it makes sense for Oklahoma, Oklahoma State & Texas to join A&M in the SEC for a whole host of reasons and would remove any doubt that the SEC is THE football power conference in the NCAA.
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